eating…candy. Because Halloween. After I purchased the candy to hand out to the nonexistent trick-or-treaters Brandon asked me if I just purchased candy that I wanted…um, duh.

drinking…water. Nothing exciting. I need to increase my intake because I’ve been lacking big time.

watching…Shameless. Brand and I are still making our way through the 6th season. He was in Michigan this last week and I was dying to watch it, so I am planning a major binge session this weekend to finish it up.

going…No where this month. At least no where that will require me getting on a plane. I was just in Michigan for the weekend two weeks ago and Brandon stayed the whole week. So until December we’ll be staying put.

reading…The Husband’s Secret. On my way back from Michigan I had a 3 hour layover in Chicago, so I decided just to purchase a book to pass the time. I’m almost finished with it and while I do think it’s a good book, I am waiting until I finish it to see if it is something I would recommend. The beginning was a bit predictable, so I’m hoping it’ll get really good to make up for it.

loving…That the weather is beginning to cool down. It’s still in the high 80’s and low 90’s, but the nights are cool enough to sleep with the windows open and that always makes me happy. I’m very impatiently waiting for sweater weather to make it’s appearance.

working…on life. I’ve been meeting with a career/life coach, which I realize sounds kind of ridiculous, but I’m excited to see what comes of it. I’m turning 30 next month and feel like I’m not where I want to be at this point, so I’m hoping maybe this will help me sort things out.

listening…Nothing in particular. I did get to see Brand New two weeks ago with my sister though and while I LOVE them, I always leave their shows disappointed. It was fun nonetheless to hang out with my sister for a night and listen to some good music.

buying…jackets, sweaters, (faux)leather pants, boots. None of which can be worn in this heat, so that’s cool.

planning…Thanksgiving! Brandon and I are having my two brothers and some friends over for Thanksgiving dinner and I’m actually quite excited about it. I don’t consider myself much of a hostess, but I find myself wanting to do a table scape (I even bought these salad plates for it) andĀ preplan all aspects of dinner. We shall see how this turns out šŸ˜‰

wondering…Why oh why I can’t stop myself from eating these little candy bars?! Hershey’s Cookie N’ Cream, specifically. Brandon said no one even eats those anymore, but I can’t stop, so if you have any feel free to send them this way. Just kidding, please don’t. I don’t need anymore.

feeling…Excited still. Thanksgiving, my birthday and Christmas…what’s not to be excited about?! I’d prefer time not go too fast, but I’d also wouldn’t mind if all these things were happening next week.

Hope you are all having a great week!



  1. November 1, 2016 / 12:07 pm

    I love these posts, Shannon!
    Oh my gosh, I would love to meet with a life coach. Not ridiculous at all! totally awesome, actually. I would love to hear your thoughts on the impact of it in your life.
    Love the picture of your pup! Such a pretty girl:) I've been off the grid trying to process the loss of my Bruschi. He passed away last Thursday:( The joy and love they bring is such a gift, and I love love love seeing bloggers share photos of their doggies & kitties.
    Finally, I can't wait to see your Thanksgiving tablescape. I hope you'll share it with us!
    XO! Gina

  2. November 1, 2016 / 1:07 pm

    Please tell me I'm not alone when I say that mini candy bars, the kind you pass out for trick or treat, taste better than full size? Like, am I nuts? I'm by no means a sweats gal, yet I keep finding myself dipping my hand into my kiddos candy bucket. Oops. (; Cheers to staying grounded this month!

  3. November 1, 2016 / 6:04 pm

    I know how you feel. I turned 30 today, and I am no where near where I thought I would be. I don't know where I thought I would be (maybe a millionaire?), but I am definitely not there. Perhaps I should be seeing a therapist… Also, I loved The Husband's Secret. I am obsessed with Liane Moriarty in general. I have read all of her books. She is such a good writer! My favorite is Big Little Lies. I didn't buy any Halloween candy this year. Our dogs don't allow us to have trick or treaters (they hate the door bell) so I dont even pretend.


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