eating…Dried mangos like my life depends on it. I have this really bad habit of eating something I like until the point where I can no longer eat it. Brandon gets super annoyed because there are certain restaurants (specifically pizza places) I just can’t eat at anymore because it’s all I would eat for like a month straight…anyways, my point is, I fear this is happening with the mangos.

drinking…coffee without creamer and I loooove the creamy-ness that the creamer adds to my coffee (imagine that!), but I was just using way too much of it, like probably a good 100 calories every morning, so I decided to I have been using my milk foamer and putting almond/coconut milk in there and adding that to my coffee, which is good and it helps, but I miss that creamer oh so much.

watching…American Horror Story. I watched the first season of AHS, but none after that, until now. Everyone kept talking about it and how obsessed they were, so I figured I would give it a try this season. Do you girls watch? That first episode was so fing weird and gross and I was totally turned off by it (also, I absolutely HATE watching people do drugs, like there is nothing worse to me), but I’ve been forcing myself to watch it every week and while it seems to have calmed down a bit I’m not quite sure I’m “addicted”. I’m still partial to my Real Housewives, or anything on Bravo for that matter.

going…to the farmers market this weekend in Scottsdale and I cannot wait. A Saturday morning spent riding our bikes into old town and then wandering around the farmers market sounds absolutely ideal.

reading…The Rumor. It’s a super easy beach read that my boss gave me before we left on our honeymoon, but I just started it a couple of weeks ago and I am totally sucked in. I haven’t read in such a long time and I love that I am getting back at it. Oh and also, The Andy Cohen Diaries…well I decided to try and finish it since I HATE not finishing a book, but I just couldn’t do it and since it had fallen in the pool and tripled in size, I just threw it out. That was definitely a first for me.

loving…this time of year. The weather, mainly. I know I talk a TON about the weather on this blog, which is super annoying, I know, but this time of year it is absolute perfection. Taking the dogs for evening walks, riding our bikes to dinner, evening runs during the week and morning runs on the weekend…it seriously does not get any better.

working…on still trying to eat/be healthy. I swear to God, ice cream is going to be the death of me.

listening…nothing new. I guess I need a new topic here. Still obsessed with Tell Your Friends by The Weeknd, but that’s about it.

buying…lots and lots of neutrals. I just purchased this jacket¬†and I cannot wait to wear it. My friend had a great tan duster coat that I envied last year, so I jumped on this one. I also just purchased this little black slip dress which I hesitated about for a while, but I decided I would probably get a lot of use out of something so simple…fingers crossed.

planning…nothing specific at this moment, but I have been really trying to put an editorial calendar together each month for the blog. It was always something that intimidated me, but I’ve realized that when I take the time to do it, I get pretty creative and it makes me excited for the future of this little place.

wondering…how in the world we only have two more months left in this year. I was just thinking the other day what an amazing year this has been on a personal level, I’m sad that it is coming to an end, but without getting too ahead of myself, there are still some pretty amazing things to come within these next two months and I am rather excited about them all.

feeling…excited and motivated, which is super refreshing. I feel like in September I was just super tired the entire time and October wasn’t much different. I kept getting in these blah moods that were totally unnecessary, so I’m focusing on getting out of that little slump. Again, it’s my favorite time of the year and there is much to be excited for, so no more blah moods over here!

Side note…Shopebop is having a sale on select items until tomorrow, so I thought I would share some of my favorites. Everything is under $100 with the exception of that gorgeous burgundy coat.

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