eating…a chocolate chip cookie. UGH, I need to stop eating! Especially sugar. I’m making Brandon take the rest of the cookies to work tomorrow.

drinking…Dandelion Tea. Yogi Tea is my absolute favorite tea, the dandelion and the green tea are two of the best I have found.

watching…Below Deck. Does anyone else watch this? I am so confused by Rocky, she is like on a completely different planet. Love the show, but I would not want to be stuck on a boat with ANY of them. Unless I was a guest, because I could totally go for a yacht vacay.

going…home. In a month. For Thanksgiving…IF Brandon and I can agree on a flight before ticket prices go even higher than they already are. He wants to spend more money for a red-eye flight (both ways) where we have to switch planes and pay for baggage just so he doesn’t have to drive two hours after we land. I get it, driving after flying all day SUCKS, but there is a cheaper flight with no layovers and not a redeye. I’ll take the two hour drive.

reading…I’m still working my way through both The Andy Cohen Diaries and #Girlboss. Pathetic, I know. Next month, I’ll be finished with at least one. Promise. Less Bravo more reading.

loving…Rafterhouse. Literally dream houses! #allwhiteeverything. I came across them on Instagram yesterday and their name sounded so familiar as well as their logo looked familiar, turns out they did a house in our neighborhood and now I want it. And can we please talk about the fixtures in this bathroom?!?!

texting…my sisters and a friend. Trying to get opinions on a blog layout. Stay tuned 😉

working…on getting back in some sort of shape (hence those chocolate chip cookies, right?). For real though, I need to start taking this more seriously.

listening…to a lot of Kanye. I went to his concert the other weekend and was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it. It was a music festival so he wasn’t all preachy or in costume. He just put on a really good show and now I’m reliving my youth by listening to College Dropout, constantly. Also, a lot of The Weekend. Obsessed with “Tell Your Friends“.

buying…a wedding album. I came across Artifact Uprising the other day and have been trying to put together a book with our wedding pictures. I’m hoping it turns out as well as the ones on the site. Has anyone used them before?

pinning…the norm. Quotes and fashion 🙂

planning…on spending the weekend doing our Thank You’s from our wedding. Is it so bad I’ve waited this long? I feel kind of bad, but I was waiting for our pictures, so I have a bit of an excuse.

wondering…what I should write here. When I asked Brandon what I was wondering he said “what tomorrow will bring”. Ha. We’ll go with that.

feeling…tired. Shocking I know. We’ve had two busy weekends and I feel like I just can’t catch up on sleep. It’s kind of ridiculous, really. I’m so sick of being tired (Taking Back Sunday anyone?).



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