eating…just finished a cheeseburger from The Stand. A local burger joint that is so so good. I was much too tired to cook tonight 😉

drinking…water. I realized how little water I drank when we were in Hawaii, so I’m really trying to up my intake this week. Playing a little catch-up.

watching…Naked and Afraid. Brandon used to watch it and I would just get sucked into the weirdness when I’d walk by the TV. Now it’s a total guilty pleasure. So disturbing, but so interesting. I just can’t comprehend…why?!

going…running in the AM. I need to get back at it. Desperately. This is like my little “now I have to do it” since I put it out there.

reading…I have yet to finish The Andy Cohen Diaries. The book fell in the pool a couple of weekends ago and doubled in size, so I didn’t want to take it on our trip. Anyways, I downloaded #Girlboss on my Kindle and have been reading that. It’s super inspiring and I would totally recommend it if you have not already read it (I realize I’m a little late on this one).

loving…this new app I downloaded called Pocket. It lets you save articles from the internet that you want to read later. Do any of you use this? It’s a pretty handy little tool.

texting…with my little sister. We are watching Youtube videos to see what Sincerely Jules sounds like. Haha. Girl needs Snapchat. Hearing people’s voices is always the initial reason I follow people on Snap.

working…um, on life? I need to get my shit together. Stat.

listening…to all the country music! We could not find one station on Maui that played country music, so if I hear another Selena Gomez or Demi Lavato song, I might have a mental breakdown.

buying…eye cream. Well trying to. I’m in dire need,but have no idea where to start. Anyone have a recommendation that isn’t over-the-top expensive, but still works? Ideal, right?

pinning…more like repinning what I’ve already pinned. I’m trying to rearrange my boards. I read that the ideal number of boards is 22, so I checked mine and I had 40! So I’m downsizing my Pinterest. That is so weird. Ha. We’ll see how far I get.

planning…my weekend. Well trying to, but Brandon isn’t cooperating. Maybe it’s a bit too early in the week, but it is a four day weekend, sooooo.

wondering…if it’s acceptable to go to bed right now. It’s 8:40pm.

feeling…excited and grateful that I have an appointment tomorrow to get a glycolic peel. I was doing them once a month prior to my wedding, but haven’t done one since and my chin has been HORRID. It completely sucks, so I’m super excited to start the peels back up because clearly it is the only thing that is going to keep the breakouts at bay. Isn’t this supposed to go away already?!?

quoting…“a bad attitude can literally block love, blessings and destiny from finding you. Don’t be the reason you don’t succeed”


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