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Welcome to my “new” site!

While the site design has not changed much (still working on it), I have decided to change the name and concept behind this blog of mine. I’m no longer calling my blog “Clothes & Quotes” and instead just keeping it simple and casual with my name. The reason for this…

In 2013 when I started Clothes & Quotes, I didn’t really realize there was an actual “business” of blogging. I started blogging because I was looking for (as everyone who starts a blog says) a creative outlet. I had just graduated college and was really in need to something to fill my time. I’d been reading fashion blogs for a while and thought it would be a great way to combine two things I love, fashion and writing, so I created Clothes & Quotes.

Once I got into blogging, like really into it, I started to notice how much of a business blogging actually is. As soon as I realized that, I quickly got sucked into the the numbers, the comparison and just the stress of it all. Blogging quickly became a chore. It was no longer fun or inspiring. I was (am!) very proud of what I created with Clothes & Quotes and I was proud of my work, but that quickly got pushed to the back when I realized I wasn’t nearly as far along as others were. It was an endless struggle to reach some nonexistent finish line that I thought everyone else had already reached.

Towards the end of last year I decided to just back off and really think about whether or not I wanted to keep blogging. I was actually pretty set on not continuing and had told my friends and family that I was done. Buuuut, here we are.

While it’s only been a month, not worrying about the numbers has been WONDERFUL, but not blogging kind of sucked. So after some thought, I’ve decided I’m not going to worry about the numbers and the business of it all. I’m just going to do what I love.

Fashion is still something I love, so there will still be that aspect, but only once a week (Wednesday). Posts on Monday and Friday are going to be more personal/lifestyle posts. I want this to be a place I can come and be excited/inspired to write and share about the things I truly love. I want to work on my photography and share other pictures rather than just #OOTD pictures. I just want to Blog and not worry about the rest of it.

So welcome to Shann M. Holt 🙂

Sorry for the longwinded explanation, but I felt it was necessary to explain the changes and where I’ve been. I’m excited about this new path and I truly hope you enjoy the new content that I’ll be sharing and that you continue to follow along.



  1. Meghan Buckman
    January 22, 2018 / 4:39 am

    So excited about your new site & content! I’ve recently taken a step back from my blog (and social media) as well and have felt so refreshed! Looking forward to your new posts!

    • shannon
      January 23, 2018 / 7:39 am

      Thank you Meghan! It’s always nice to take a step back and recharge!

  2. January 22, 2018 / 5:26 am

    So, you and I are across the country from each other yet so connected in this blog journey. Reading this post is like reading my own thoughts. Literally, my path has been so so similar. I told people I was done, and then I started thinking about a new name for my site, a pure and simple journal -like place for me to document what I love. Last week I drafted a post much like yours here and planned to post this week once I get everything up and running with the new site name. Through it all, I have felt like you and I were meant to be friends…to support and encourage each other. This only confirms that for me. I want you to know how much you inspire me and how grateful I am for this connection we’ve had since we both started blogging. I hope we get to meet someday. Cheers to doing what we love in 2018 and encouraging each other !

    • shannon
      January 22, 2018 / 7:26 am

      Gina, that means so much to me. Thank you! We definitely have been on the same path and I feel the same way, we were meant to connect through this whole thing and I could not be more grateful for all of your support. If nothing else, we have that! I can’t wait to see your new take on blogging. I’ve always admired your writing and you seemed to always post from your heart. I am looking forward to continuing to follow you on your journey. I truly hope we get to meet one day as well! XOXO

  3. January 22, 2018 / 9:26 pm

    Wow wow wow I find this incredibly encouraging, inspiring, and EXCITING! I’m stoked that you’ll still be blogging (selfishly, because I love reading what you write) but even happier that you are doing so in a way that feels right for you. I started blogging back in like, 2009/10 – which, embarrassing, LOL – and also had absolutely no idea blogging was/would become something that so many people do as business. All the power to them, if it works for them to do it as such. But I hope you know how much I admire you changing it up and sticking with blogging as YOUR outlet, and your space. I’ve been thinking over this topic off and on for a while, and this has me being reminded that at the end of the day, I want to put out rad content without stressing, without being consumed with numbers/stats. Long comment, but all that to say, I’m glad to see you back!

    Kathryn •

    • shannon
      January 23, 2018 / 7:38 am

      Thank you so much for that Kathryn! It’s so hard not getting consumed by the numbers/stats, but at the end of the day, I created this blog as a place to share and write about what I love and that is EXACTLY what I want to do. Screw the numbers 🙂 Since discovering your blog, I’ve admired your writing and posts and I’m glad to be following along on your journey! And again thank you so much for the kind words! It truly means a lot! XOXO

      • February 9, 2018 / 12:52 pm

        Exactly! It’s interesting to see how blogging has “evolved” I guess, from something people did as a hobby to something most people try and get into as a job or money making opportunity. It’s not wrong to do that, by any means, but it’s refreshing to read a blog like yours that is blogging simply to blog and to be creative. It means a lot coming from you that you enjoy my writing and posts – very glad to have connected through our blogs!

        Kathryn •

  4. Chelsea
    January 22, 2018 / 9:35 pm

    I could not agree with you more! I feel the same way. I’m currently going through some tough times personally with a full time job I dislike, anxiety and all things of fear etc… it’s so foreign to me. But I agree, my blog becomes a chore at times. I love that you have found why you really like blogging. Fashion will be apart of it but I’m excited for other topics too. I mean it when I say I’m very proud!! Xoxo thanks for always inspiring me Shannon! Sending you hugs 🤗

    • shannon
      January 23, 2018 / 7:43 am

      Thank you Chelsea! And I know those feelings (especially the full time job part) ALL to well. It is so draining, which is why I needed my blog to be what it was originally supposed to be, an outlet from it all. I’m hoping getting back to the basics will give me a different outlook on it all. I sincerely appreciate all your support! Sending hugs right back!! XO!

  5. January 25, 2018 / 12:02 pm

    First of all, glad you are back!! I’ve missed you! And I am super excited about your new site. I totally know how you feel about the whole business of blogging thing. I went through it too. We could talk for DAYS about it. But I am all about just enjoying it now.


    • shannon
      January 29, 2018 / 8:44 am

      Thank you so much Nikki! It’s so nice knowing that everyone pretty much goes through the same thing with this whole blogging thing. I am glad you are enjoying it and I’m really working on being in that place too!

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