Can we talk about how it’s almost November? Like, how? It never fails to amaze me how fast time goes.

Anyways, not a whole lot going on in my life since the last update, but I still wanted to share a few things with you all.

As I was typing this up, I realized I need to take in this calm time, when not a lot is happening, and just enjoy it. It’s the end of the year and things are going to start to get hectic with the holidays and what not. So if you’re in the same boat…relax & enjoy!


going…to Michigan next week. Yes, Michigan again 🙂 We always make a trip back in the fall to catch a UofM game. It’ll be just a quick weekend trip for me, but I’m looking forward to experiencing a bit of real fall weather. Hopefully. Fingers crossed.

reading…Safe Harbor by Danielle Steele. In the last issue of Porter there was an article on Danielle Steele and I was completely infatuated. I of course had heard of her, but never read any of her books. When I was home last month, I was telling my mom about the article and mentioned that I wanted to read one of her books now. My mom had this one on her shelf, so I decided to go with it. I’m liking it so far. I constantly think about that article while I’m reading and how she manages to come up with so many stories so quickly, so it kind of takes away from the book, but so far so good.

loving…Erin and Sarah Foster’s Instagram Stories. Ha. If you need a good laugh, I’d recommend watching them because they are pretty funny. It’s stupid humor, but I always get a good laugh out of them.

eating…Chloe’s Pops. These have officially cured me of my ice cream addiction. For real though, the chocolate ones are absolutely delicious and I don’t miss ice cream one bit. The best part is that they are Vegan and only 60 calories. The bad part is that only 4 come in a box, so if you do buy them stock up!

drinking…The norm. Water, La Croix, Tea and coffee. Nothing worth talking about. I would like to try this Golden Milk recipe I found. Sounds intriguing and if nothing else good for you. Have any of you tried this? I’ve heard countless good things about Turmeric, so it’s about time I give it a go.

watching…all of the shows I should be embarrassed to admit I’m watching. Real Housewives of Orange County and Dallas. Oh and New Jersey. Haha. Our non-reality shows ended, so it’s back to this 🙂 If you have any good recommendations, let me know because I would love a little substance in my evenings….kind of.

working…on being more productive. Pretty sure I’ve talked about this before, but I’m bring it up again because I’ve realized how much time I waste not doing anything productive. I downloaded an app called Hours that basically tracks the time you spend on something. It’s been a great little tool for when I want to give myself a time limit to work on something. Now I just need something that blocks the internet.

listening…American Teen by Khalid. I’ve been listening to this album for a couple of months now and I’m still obsessed with it. No idea when this came out or if I’m super late to the party or not, but either way I’m loving it and you all should give it a listen 🙂

buying…Sweaters. Remember when I said I didn’t like sweaters in this post? Well I’ve changed my mind 🙂 H&M has so many good sweaters and you seriously can’t beat the prices. These are a few I have my eye on….

planning…nothing that I can really think of. My trip to Michigan, I guess. Work. Nothing exciting. Haha.

wondering…whhhyyy I have eczema again. This all started last year and I probably haven’t had a breakout (?) in like 6 months, but yesterday morning I work up and my thumbs were itching so badly. It’s always my thumbs and then on my hand between my thumb and pointer finger. I just wish I knew what causes the breakout. Any insight? I can’t find any pattern  because if I could I’d stop whatever is causing it because it hurts.

feeling…excited. I feel like I’ve been putting a lot more into this blog lately and I am starting to see the benefits of it. I mean, they are few and far between, but when I do experience a positive that I feel is directly related to the work I’ve done, it feels good. Hoping I can keep up the momentum and stay motivated.

Hope you are all having a great week!


  1. October 18, 2017 / 12:40 pm

    I love these posts, Shannon! thank you for sharing.
    Ok, first…take organic wheat grass tablets. you can get them on Amazon and they do so many amazing things for beauty…one of which is combat skin situations like eczema!
    Second, TV show recs. I highly recommend Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Greys Anatomy, The Good Dr., and Criminal Minds. These are my faves!
    As far as rewards from putting more work into your blog… I see how much you keep getting better and better and I love it. You inspire me to do the same. I have so many obstacles but I’ve been trying to get better at making the space for the blog and keeping my standards extremely high in terms of post quality and photos. Doing a bit of behind the scenes self teaching that I hope with pay off too.
    Keep up the awesome work, my friend. I’m so glad to hear you are seeing the rewards. So well deserved. XO!

    • shannon
      October 20, 2017 / 1:13 pm

      Thank you Gina! I will definitely purchase those tablets…do you take them regularly? Anything that will help, I’m down! I’ve heard amazing things about The Good Dr. so I definitely want to start that! I used to love Criminal Minds…I need to get back into that. Thanks for the recs! I always appreciate your feedback!

      • October 23, 2017 / 5:39 am

        Yes, I take them daily. Usually about 4 a day. I get the Amazing Grass organic wheat grass tablets from Amazon. They are 1000mg tablets.
        Yesss to Criminal Minds. Although, I’m sad that my crush (Derek Morgan played by Shemar Moore) isn’t on the show anymore. The Good Dr is really good!

  2. October 18, 2017 / 1:46 pm

    I love how to straight to the point this is! Will have to check out a few of these favs out! Happy you’ve been getting some awesome rewards for your hard work 🙂

    • shannon
      October 20, 2017 / 1:13 pm

      Thanks Holly! Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. October 19, 2017 / 9:31 am

    Try Vaseline for the eczema (if you haven’t already)! It worked wonders for me and clears up any flare up before ointment.


    • shannon
      October 20, 2017 / 1:15 pm

      Ohhh this is interesting! I’ve never even heard of this. Definitely going to pick some up this afternoon! Thank you!

  4. October 20, 2017 / 10:33 am

    Totally agree on taking the time when not a lot is going on to enjoy the quiet and calm. It never seems to last for long! If you have Netflix, I would definitely recommend watching The People v. OJ Simpson. Super interesting! Also, I for sure see all the hard work you put into your blog and love reading all of your posts – how exciting when you get to see the benefits. Happy Friday, lady!

    Kathryn •

    • shannon
      October 20, 2017 / 1:18 pm

      Thanks so much Kathryn! Definitely going to watch that! I totally forgot about that, but it’s one I had wanted to watch. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

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