eating…healthy “fried” rice. Every single day for lunch for like the past three weeks. I work close enough to home that I get to go home everyday,so I try to cook something healthy and came up with this fried rice recipe(because I love soy sauce). It’s just brown rice, red bell pepper, onion, edamame and one egg. Oh and soy sauce. So good, so simple and I can’t stop 🙂

drinking…I’ve been doing a tablespoon of apple cider every morning, but for the past couple of days I decided to just add it to my lemon water. It’s a bit more rough, but I heard it’s good, so I’m going to stick with it for a little bit. On a side note: I haven’t been drinking my lemon water every morning for like a while a now and I have noticed that my face has really been breaking out, so I’m going to get back on the lemon water and hope it helps to clear it up a bit.

watching…Girlfriends Guide to Divorce. Well tonight anyways because it is finally back on! Do you girls watch this show on Bravo? It’s a good one, so I recommend it if you don’t 🙂

going…to New York tonight! It’s my first trip into the city and I can.not.wait. Like the excitement is killing me. My cousin is getting married on Long Island on Saturday so it’s a quick trip, but I know it is going to be totally worth it! You can follow my adventures on snap: clothesnquotes

reading…Nothing. Ugh! I need to get a new book which I planned on doing prior to going to Michigan, but we had a red eye so it would have been pointless and my flight to NY is a red eye as well, so I know I won’t be reading. I just don’t want to wait too long to get a new book because I loved that I was getting back into it.

loving…this month! Between my first trip to NYC, my birthday, and Christmas, it really is the most wonderful time of the year (so cheesy)!

working…trying to get my posts organized for this month as well as actually writing down my goals for next year. I’m really trying to get specific and narrow them down so when the time comes I can really focus and meet them!

listening…Christmas music, as per yesterday’s post. The radio station in my car does not change until after the holidays and my Spotify playlist is on full blast when I’m not in my car.

buying…pumps, (faux)leather jacket, a tuxedo blouse, a white blouse, black pants, a pair of black flats and a white blazer. I skipped out on Black Friday for some family time and Thanksgiving recovery, so I took FULL advantage of Cyber Monday.

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planning…my outfits for New York. When we went back to Michigan this past week I planned out all my outfits and packing was seriously a breeze! I loved it and I didn’t have a bunch of unnecessary items in my suitcase. I’m hoping to do the same for New York…fingers crossed anyways.

wondering…if I’m going to get everything done/completed that I want to within this next month. Also, if I’m ever going to start taking this blogging thing as serious as I would like to. I was super bummed with my lack of posts and social media presence last week/weekend and I really, really, really want to focus more. I love doing this and I need to start treating it like that!

feeling…excited! Again, because of my upcoming trips, my birthday and the whole month of December!


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