Summer Sandals

Summer Sandals

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I like to think of my self as a pretty casual dresser.
I don’t go into much detail and I wear what I like and what feels right at the time.
A few years ago you wouldn’t have caught me dead in flats,
but as time passes I find myself choosing flats over heels on a weekly basis.
However, one pair of casual flats I cannot get behind are flip flops. I hate them.
I mean, yes, I do have a couple pairs that I wear in our backyard or running out to my car real quick,
but actually wearing them out gives me a weird feeling. So I avoid it at all costs.

I like to have an alternative to flip flops that are just as casual and easy, but much more appealing.
Last summer I bought these Michael Kors sandals in black and 
they have been worn almost daily since, so needless to say they are a bit worn down. 
I’ve been very impressed with the sandals that are available this year, but Joie has some of my absolute favorites. 
Nothing fancy, but, in my opinion, way better than your everyday flip flop.



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